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The South has long been known for its intense love of tradition. The Perry family is certainly no exception. Ed Perry and his wife Andrea have always worked to achieve a South that allows Old Southern traditions to blend seamlessly with the progression and innovation of the New South. Situated in the lush green landscape of South Georgia are 40 acres of some of the highest quality, sweetest Muscadine grapes in America. This woody vine, native to the Southeast United states and known for the musky fruit it bears, is the heart and soul of Horse Creek Winery & Perry Vineyards in Nashville, Georgia.

What started as a fresh fruit vineyard quickly led to many contacts in the wine industry. Thanks to encouragement from both old and new-found friends, Ed and Andrea began a new journey, opening Horse Creek Winery in 2008. The Perrys’ original vision of blending Old and New South manifests itself in the smooth, award-winning muscadine wines that are uniquely Horse Creek. Even the name of the winery itself reflects the family’s love and respect for their own history. The creek that runs on the edge of the property – Horse Creek – was named by W.D. “Bill” Perry, Ed’s father. The Perrys’ decided on the name Horse Creek Winery in his memory.

Relentless Tradition



When the Nashville tasting room was opened, the family began to share their unique wines with all of South Georgia. Upon entering the Nashville tasting room and winery, visitors are immediately greeted by a collection of photographs that illustrate the Perry family’s strong connection with the land and their love of country. After four years of growing success, a new tasting room was opened in Sparks, Georgia, and Ed and Andrea’s youngest son, Will, joined the family business. With Will’s presence, the Perry hospitality of the Nashville tasting room found its way to Sparks, Georgia.

“We don’t intend to be just a side of the road winery,” Perry said. “Our wines have won gold medals and have proven they can compete in Napa Valley. We are very serious about producing award winning muscadine and vinifera wines.”

While Perry Vineyards and Horse Creek Winery have seen many changes, some things just never change. We still value tradition, and we still take our drinking very seriously.

Ed and Andrea Perry
Ed and Andrea Perry – Family Tradition

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Wine Tastings


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*We don’t require reservations, but do ask that groups larger than 10 call in advance.