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Located in the Coastal Plains region of Georgia, Horse Creek Winery is surrounded by a farming wonderland known for its abundant pecans, cotton, olives, piney woods, and some of the sweetest muscadine varieties in the world.

Ed Perry and his wife Andrea, co-founders of Horse Creek Winery, have deep roots in this region. “Our family has been farming in Berrien County for hundreds of years,” says Ed. “Muscadines were a beloved part of growing up in the country, a late summer treat that everyone loved.”

In 2008, with more muscadine fruit than they could manage and still more on the vines, Ed and Andrea made a decision that would change the course of their lives. “We didn’t want to see all that hard work go to waste. In an inspired moment, we decided to make our first muscadine wine,” Ed recalls.

And so, Horse Creek Winery was born. Originally known as the Perry Family Vineyards, the winery has grown from a small start in 2008 to one of the largest and most successful producers of muscadine and blended wines in the Southeast. With over 40 acres of vineyard and a state-of-the-art production facility on site, Horse Creek produces a wide range of award-winning wines that can be found at their Sparks tasting rooms and in retail and specialty locations throughout the state.

Familia Vineyards, a company based in Dahlonega, Georgia that also owns and operates Doghobble Vineyard & Farm on the Dahlonega Plateau, purchased Horse Creek Winery in late 2022. Familia Vineyards is focused on investing in and growing remarkable vineyards and wine brands in the Southeast United States.

The team at Familia Vineyards, with the continued engagement of the Perry Family, is committed to upholding the best traditions of Horse Creek Winery and combining them with a love of farming and dedication to harvesting grapes at the perfect moment to create wines with stories as rich as their flavors. Through its passionate people, more than 7,000 vigorous vines, and its scenic locations, Horse Creek Winery is poised for an exciting future.

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Wine Tastings


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